active ministry projects

One way to join the mission is to invest in one of our active ministry projects. By partnering in this way, you can direct your investment to go specifically to the completion of a project of your choosing in a specific nation.

After reading the basic project categories below, enter the secure donation portal for more specific categories to direct your project investment,


contact a missionary through their personal contact links on our Our Mission page.

  • TANZANIA: 1-Week Expeditions

    $1,500 for a 10 day expedition to the south AND $3,500 for a 14 day expedition to the north and east. With the money raised you will outfit a truck full of our missionaries and their national missionary trainees with all they need to serve in a remote village. From evangelism to discipleship, to various forms of aid, these trips are bringing the gospel across the nation.

  • 10/40 WINDOW: Audio bible distribution

    $5,000 (2017): The 10/40 team will distribute 2,500 concealable audio bibles to muslims throughout their region with a focus on Kurds, refugees, and other marginalized and persecuted  minorities. The devices have language-specific copies of the Jesus Film as well as readings of biblical text.

  • Tanzania: Training center building fund

    $400,000 total budget: After securing land, our team has begun work on a discipleship training center and multi-home compound that is energy self-sufficient and will house staff, host visitors, and be a base multi-format outreach. This project is the culmination of a vision shaped by many years of service and a desire to be able to reproduce and export kingdom culture back into Tanzania.

  • tanzania: maasai relief

    $25,000 annual budget: Growing out of the first well project, TNT is continuing to bring aid in various forms the the Maasai villages we are serving in Northern Tanzania. From multi-purpose buildings, to additional wells, to bringing in medical aid teams, the developing relationships and the special access we are being granted in this region is opening doors to serve a people in desperate need of the gospel demonstrated in service.

  • tanzania: pastor transportation fund

    $2,000/motorbike, $4,000/goods transport vehicle, $6,500 car: Depending on the region and specific need, TNT is able to furnish a village pastor with personal transportation that can provide income, will allow them access needed resources, and help them connect with each other as they serve their villages

  • 10/40 window: relocation

    $2,000 total budget: Our 10/40 team is in the process of transitioning to a location closer to the refugee crisis and conflict zone in the Middle East. With team members and help in place in their previous region, it is time to establish a base for the gospel in a new zone.

  • 10/40 WINDOW: Refugee Relief

    $3,000/campaign: The Middle East refugee crisis may not be headline news, but it is squarely within TNT's vision. Millions are displaced by ISIS and the numbers are growing. Our 10/40 team uses $30/family to provide an emergency aid package that is tailored to the current crisis. Your support for our will help bring the hope of the gospel to 100 families per campaign through direct ministries of compassion like feeding, clothing, and medical aid.

  • Discipleship resource creation (media)

    $10,000/book: Complete bi-lingual print, Kindle, & Audible production (1,000 prints)  

    $5,000/book: Initial book print & distribution (500 English prints) 

    With One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship translated, but still awaiting completion in Spanish, the Garrett family is working on Holy Spirit-led discipleship projects for children that include prayer books, first-readers, and first devotionals, as well as more adult-level publications that will eventually be distributed around the globe at little to no cost for churches, ministries, and other discipleship organizations.

  • immerse the nations program development

    $30,000 annual budget: The Immerse The Nations team is in the process of acquiring equipment and gear to sustain their discipleship program which ranges from hosting nights of worship to bringing international mission support through mobilizing their interns and team members. 


    January 1st of every year we raise money for 15 children to go to boarding school. Fees per year, per student $1000.  They are from very rural villages where there is no clean water source, very little food and live in poor heallth conditions. Many are being saved from malnourishment, child marriages, and worse. 

    GOAL-  $15,000 as of January 1st every year


    A new Land Rover is needed for this next season, It will take the gospel further, faster. The new truck we need must be capable of going through rivers, climbing mountains and pass through thick mud. The Lord recently opened the door to more unreached villages, and we must be able to get to them. The hour is late

    GOAL- $70,000