Apply to join us!

Complete and mail back one of our *applications (click here) to begin the process of joining one of our teams on the field. 

If you want to inquire about TNT hosting a team or small group, inquire by email at and be sure to specify the nation, team, or particular missionary you feel called to work with. 

*NOTE: Application medical release is ONLY required once approved for final consideration.

term-based missions

TNT teams around the globe regularly host term based missionaries in a host of differing capacities. Whether you feel called to come individually, or are led to put together a group, there are amazing opportunities to serve.

All requests for temporary missions are handled on a case by case basis and will require direct contact with the TNT host team, as well as administrative clearance with TNT's directors. The first step is to reach out directly to the missionary or TNT representative with whom you desire to serve, or to contact our administrative office with your request via email at:

team member training

TNT has a process in place for bringing on new team members that involves applying, interviewing, serving, and field-specific training. Every request is handled on a case-by-base basis, and will require completion of the process put in place. Most importantly, we seek the validation and approval of the Holy Spirit, having bore witness by confirmation of current TNT team leaders, TNT's Board of Directors, and the prospect.

Please begin this process by emailing, and if you have direct contact with a current TNT team leader, please copy them in the email.